О Buschhoff GmbH & Co.

The Buschhoff Company from Germany is a full-liner for grain and feed technology and develops complete solutions which cover grain intake, storage, milling, mixing, right up to feeding. Already for 150 years and throughout Europe, Buschhoff machine factory is a leading provider of:

  • Modern milling& mixing plants (up to 20 t/h)
  • Mobile feed mills (up to 12 t/h)
  • High-quality storage solutions (up to 20.000 t)
  • Innovative conveying performance (up to 150 t/h)

Whether milling & mixing technology, conveying & storage technology, or mobile plants for concentrated feed: Buschhoff is your competent partner for grain processing!

Therefore, Buschhoff is a one-stop shop: for customised planning as well as for bespoke production up to the professional assembly and start-up. 


Продукты и решения
  • WIDOMIX – Feed mill system

  • TOURMIX – Mobile feed mills

  • TOURMIX – Mobile feed mills

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